moderngents2I’m Kytia L’amour and I founded L’amour in Christ in January of 2016. This is a place of inspiration that serves as a hub for creativity, faith-based articles, and advice about being a light in this world.

I am a writer, performer, and public speaker spreading God’s love in all art forms. This world will tell you that it’s your responsibility to discover your identity on your own, but the most amazing confidence I’ve ever received has come from asking God to show me who I am. The legacy I’m leaving is teaching other people how they can do that for themselves. What started out as a hobby of writing inspirational blog posts has grown into a full-fledged career and ministry.

I live in sunny Los Angeles with my husband and children where I’m consistently creating thought-provoking content.

It is here that I hope to encourage you in your daily walk to follow Christ. Visit my website and social media on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to stay up to date with me.

In Love,

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