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"Without love, we have nothing."


Kytia L'amour

Actress/Model/Blogger in Los Angeles. A lover of God and all things beautiful.

God Saved Me From My Abusive Family

I decided to send you my testimony of what God has done in my life, even though I’m still in the midst of some of it. God have saved me from my mentally abusive family and made a way for me to move to a different city. Since I learned more about what I have in him, he also gave me so much of a comfort, it feels like if he had adopted me. Continue reading “God Saved Me From My Abusive Family”


My Sin Was Leading Me to Death

I’m a 23 yo from NYC! I was raised in a Catholic home, but when I was about 14 I decided to go to the Baptist Church in my neighborhood alone, there is where I said the sinner’s prayer for the first time, and I truly believed that I meant it when I said it, but at a very young age I slipped into fornication, and drug use. Continue reading “My Sin Was Leading Me to Death”

God Surpassed My Expectations

I’m an 18 year from Ireland, and recently I got my results for my Leaving Certificate  (basically the exams we take at the end of secondary school that determine where we go to college, kinda like the SATS). I got an A in my English exam! Continue reading “God Surpassed My Expectations”

God Healed My Deepest Longing

Here’s my testimony on letting go. I have battled for many years with anxiety,  due to unhealthy family relationship dynamics and knowing at the age of 19 I was not planned.  I realized that pouring into these broken relationships over the course of many years diminished my self worth and was not what God wanted for my life and instead,  I needed to pour myself into God’s word and truths about my identity in Christ and as a daughter of God.  Continue reading “God Healed My Deepest Longing”

Saved From Suicidal Thoughts

So i was suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, felt so empty inside. A friend randomly text me Mathew 11:28 Come to me all who are burdened and weary and i will give you rest. Continue reading “Saved From Suicidal Thoughts”

You’re Never Too Young

God is so faithful and loving. He helped me to realize that it doesn’t matter how old you are, how you look like, how good you’re at school etc. We are enough to Him. For the first time ever I tried street evangelism which I was nervous about. I was doing it with my church group. Most of the members were older than me and not teenagers as I am (16 years old girl) so that’s why I was nervous. Continue reading “You’re Never Too Young”

My Whole World Was Turned Upside Down

Due to many obstacles, I gave up on going to university. I worked for 4 years, then dad passed away and my whole world was turned upside down. I was unemployed, my mom and sister were working and I felt very useless. My life was heading nowhere. Continue reading “My Whole World Was Turned Upside Down”

No More Shame from Sexual Abuse

I was sexually abused for my years of my childhood by a father figure in my very own home. As a teen I was full of anxiety and even suicidal. Continue reading “No More Shame from Sexual Abuse”

A New Lease on Life

I went through a series of several things after accepting Jesus as my saviour; however, this was totally for his glory. I asked God to allow me live and move on my own with my children. I had lived with my ex for over 8 years after being separated due to financial issues and a lot of verbal abuse existed. I was new in Christ and was asking God to allow me to figure out better for both my children. Continue reading “A New Lease on Life”

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