Promo Tuesdays is where we highlight our brothers and sisters who are moving through ministry and small business while spreading the gospel as the Lord leads. Please support them by checking out their website and social media.

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My friend Alma sent me a direct message on Instagram a few days ago and said that someone from “How 2 Date God’s Way” would be in touch with me soon to get the scoop on me and my husband’s story from how we met to what it was like to be celibate during our dating process. One of our favorite things to talk about is how God used us–imperfect and flawed humans–to be an example of how two people can go against the grain in a culture that asks “people still save themselves for marriage?!”. We know we’re not the only ones who have this testimony, but when co-founder Nneka reached out to me, I browsed her and her husband’s Instagram page and realized that I have never come across a place that highlights couples across the globe in this way. I’m so glad to introduce this husband and wife duo to you, and I hope you’re inspired by their story. Continue reading “Promo Tuesday with How 2 Date God’s Way”