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Proximity, Friendship, & Purpose

Our contributor Rajeev has graciously allowed us to feature his writing with our readers. Stay tuned for more contributors in the future! This article was originally posted on Jeevo Music.

When my wife and I moved to Pasadena, we realized that the decision would bring us within closer proximity to those we love, and bring greater distance between others we love.  Proximity is interesting because it breeds a false sense of comfort to those around us.  The assumption is made that if someone is within closer distance, you will actually see them more and be more involved in their life.  While this can be true, there is something that trumps the rule of Proximity.

Being Intentional.

Some great friends of ours made the comment the other day, that even though we are further away from them, we see them more often.  This is a beautiful gift because we realized that being intentional is what determines the course of the relationship.  Proximity does not equal intentionality.  There is no power in proximity.  There is only convenience in proximity.  Proximity can be used, but it is not the barometer of quality.  I have lived years in past homes without ever knowing or meeting my neighbors.  I have lived in dorm rooms at UCLA without saying a word to people down the hall.  We are not the sum total of our surroundings.  We are not a result of what was necessarily placed around us.  The universe bends according to desire.  Things like focus, intentionality and determination are things that move us based on our heart’s yearning.  We are not victims of proximity, but victorious when intentional. Continue reading “Proximity, Friendship, & Purpose”

Fallen Eve

This article was originally written in August of 2009 for my personal blog. Thank you for reading!

When I first meet them, I get nervous. I wonder if I’m good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, witty enough. All of the doubts I have come to the surface when we are first introduced. What do I say? I’m not interesting. Do we have anything in common? I have nothing to offer. Most women have this fear about meeting a guy. Gaining his attention and keeping his interest. I have the opposite problem. Women intimidate me. Strong, confident, and assertive women. Why is this?

I’ve shrugged it off and explained it with the fact that I’ve grown up with brothers and am more comfortable around guys. However, it’s not ALL girls that cause me to feel insecure about myself. It’s the women like MYSELF that I feel inferior around. You’d think I would gravitate towards like minded individuals and be more comfortable around persons with the same kind of attitude, but I feel a need to compete even though there’s no competition. Like I have to prove myself when there’s no test. Continue reading “Fallen Eve”

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