Promo Tuesdays is where we highlight our brothers and sisters who are moving through ministry and small business while spreading the gospel as the Lord leads. Please support them by checking out their website and social media.

Jason Petty aka Propaganda came to Hawaii to perform back in 2008 when I lived there, and that’s when I met him for the first time. I was hired to be the camera person to record the event and was blown away at the talent and intellect that came from his musical poetry. Flash forward a few years and I meet him again through mutual friends in California about a year after moving here. It turns out he had met me and my now husband on separate occasions before we even knew each other existed. It’s funny how life works that way, and we all still talk here and there as our careers and families blossom. The best thing about witnessing him on stage is seeing how the audience has to consciously digest the message because the stories he tells are so deeply profound. If you haven’t heard of him, listened to his music, or watched his spoken word, I suggest you get started. Continue reading “Promo Tuesday with Propaganda”