Promo Tuesdays is where we highlight our brothers and sisters who are moving through ministry and small business while spreading the gospel as the Lord leads. Please support them by checking out their website and social media.


The day I met Theresa, I found out she was a fighter. In 2009, she was diagnosed with stage 2B cancer & this year marks her 7th year cancer free. She had 4 surgeries & 6 months of chemo in one year, and is thankful that her body was strong enough to sustain such an ordeal. If you thought that slowed her down one bit, you thought wrong. It only made her commitment to God and to her dreams stronger. When she’s not rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite, attending fashion week, or getting dressed up in ball gowns to pose on the red carpet, she’s toiling away at her luxurious brand House of Broadnax. If you want to support an amazing designer, hop onto her website and click “SHOP NOW”. 

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