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This article was originally written in July of 2009 on my personal blog. Thank you for reading!

Recently, a few people have commented on how they most appreciate my singing above my other gifts. I’d have to say that falls pretty low on my list of favorites. The reason being that it exposes who I am. My voice is ME. I can’t hide behind a camera, layers of makeup, a fictional character, my fears…or silence.

Silence is something I clung to because I feared my words would fall on disinterested ears. “People don’t care what I have to say.” Being a Christian I know these are words the enemy uses to stop me from spreading God’s message. Keeping me from loving others with my advice, encouraging words, humor, and music. Continue reading “Speechless”

Peace Walking

This article was originally written in July of 2012 for Our Witness, a website that highlights personal testimonies of Christians all over the world. Thank you for reading!

Recently, I was at a financial workshop and the leaders of the session (husband and wife) asked us attendees to take a few minutes and write down what we value most in life. Being that we were going to discuss finances, I wrote my answers accordingly. When we were asked to share, others were saying values like “Relationship with God. Family. Giving to others.” I admit I felt pretty selfish when I piped up “Peace of Mind.” The leaders actually took a beat to think about that and responded, “We’ve never heard that answer before. But we value that too.” Since then, I’ve been thinking about my response and wondering why peace is so high on my list of values.

In my life currently, peace of mind can be hard to come by. My career, friendships, and finances are all very inconsistent. Some would say that having those elements can make up a happy lifestyle. Thank God that’s not true because—if it were—I’d be a nut case. Pardon my French. When I first moved to California years ago, God rocked my world by taking away everything I felt secure in. Before that move, I was used to having a consistent job, consistent friendships, and money to do what I wanted. Because of this, I relied mainly on myself and thanked God for the strength to do so. Now I know just how backwards that is.  Continue reading “Peace Walking”

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