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Your First Letter

Our contributor Rajeev has graciously allowed us to feature his writing with our readers. Stay tuned for more contributors in the future! This article was originally posted on Jeevo Music.

Dearest Little One,

What words can we use to express our love for you?  The best we can do is scramble imperfect fragments to loosely articulate something of value.  We wanted our words to be the first human thing addressed to you.  We realize that if we do not address you, everything else will.

The world that you are coming into has a way of competing for everything that is precious.  And you, little one, are our most precious prize.  The world will compete for your attention.  It will long for your affection.  When it does not receive your undying loyalty, it will move on to people that waiver.  You may then feel left out and find yourself wishing to be like everyone else.  This is normal.  We will work through it. Continue reading “Your First Letter”

Funny Friday: Babies

God has a sense of humor and so do we. Let’s get the weekend started with a good laugh!

Who doesn’t like babies? Who does’t like jokes? Well, we’ve got both here. If babies could talk, this is probably what they’d say.

1) And the baby stories will never stop.


2) Apparently, we think babies love high pitched voices.


3) Thankful for those diapers, even though babies hate putting them on.


4) Who needs sleep anyways?


5) Wow, what a brave one.


In Love,

-L’amour In Christ

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