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Dearest Little One,

What words can we use to express our love for you?  The best we can do is scramble imperfect fragments to loosely articulate something of value.  We wanted our words to be the first human thing addressed to you.  We realize that if we do not address you, everything else will.

The world that you are coming into has a way of competing for everything that is precious.  And you, little one, are our most precious prize.  The world will compete for your attention.  It will long for your affection.  When it does not receive your undying loyalty, it will move on to people that waiver.  You may then feel left out and find yourself wishing to be like everyone else.  This is normal.  We will work through it.

We want you to know that your parents are both imperfect vessels.  We dare not claim to be “better” than the world, but we also dare to claim just that.  You are a miracle to us.  Of course the masses will assume that you are inevitable after a few years of marriage.  The masses assume that timely progression dictates certain milestones.  However, we are beyond convinced that you have been loaned to us from your Maker.  We do not own you.  We give you back to God and allow Him to work in you – not based on our ideas of parenting and success – but based on His Hand in your life.

We have always dreamed of being your parents, but we must admit that this task is a bit daunting.  We struggle with control, and anxiety.  Your dad pretends to be nonchalant, but deep down remains the residue of a not-so-easy life that has forced him to hustle.  Your mom can be fearful of the unknown and tries to sometimes control things.  We are both being worked on, so please be patient with us.  We promise to be open-minded.  We promise to listen to you always.  Now let’s be honest – we are not those relative type of people where anything goes – quite the contrary.  However, you will push us to places and ideas that we probably thought were impossible. We welcome this boundary pushing, but beware of some stubborn resistance.

We will have help.  You have many uncles and aunties.  You already have so many friends.  You have 3 of your biological grandparents.  One of your grandmas is in heaven.  We have a gut feeling that you may be like her.  You are a mix of cultures and traditions – it’s going to be fun!

You are coming to us in a time where this world is messier than ever.  The times appear dark, and hope is elusive.  We will teach you to function differently.  We will teach you everything we know about God, and you will probably teach us equally.  We believe that you will be a beacon of light everywhere you go.  You will be one of God’s agents of transformation and love.  You will be one who hears faint sounds; you will hear the whispers of treasure; you will know melodies and the very voice of the Most High. Along with all your strengths will come many weaknesses.  You will learn to deal with all of them and come out victorious.

We think of you every second.  There is so much we want to say, but for now we leave you with this:

“My frame was not hidden from You, When I was being formed in secret, And intricately and skillfully formed [as if embroidered with many colors] in the depths of the earth.16 Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written the days that were appointed for me, When as yet there was not one of them [even taking shape]..

(Psalm 139:16-17)

As you form, there is One who watches you.  May you watch Him.

With all our love,

Your 2 Biggest Fans (mama and dada)

Jrajeeveevo was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.  His family came to the Unites States as refugees, fleeing Civil War in his homeland when he was just 2 years of age.  Jeevo graduated UCLA in 2005, and has been a rising star in the independent music scene ever since.  He is a voice for the voiceless, and a presence of light and peace in a world growing in its love for darkness, violence and hatred.

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