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My Deep Sleep

Our contributor Rajeev has graciously allowed us to feature his writing with our readers. Stay tuned for more contributors in the future! This article was originally posted on Jeevo Music.

In the beginning, God created both man and woman.  He created the man first, but was thinking of the woman at the same exact time.  Creating the man first does not mean the man is more important – as some cultures and people would like to believe.  God created the man with specific voids.  Man needed God.  Man needed to work.  Man was alone.  Man needed something more.  Man was not satisfied with what he saw – the land, the garden, the animals, the sun, the moon – these were all great – but it did not quite seem whole.

The creation story happens before “the fall.”  This means when God said “It is not good for man to be alone,” He is revealing His profound intention.  Shalom.  Peace.  Reconciliation.  Between man and woman. Continue reading “My Deep Sleep”


In this video, my husband Jerrell and I share some of the things we expected as newlyweds vs. what actually happened. We believe it’s important to share with you guys what we’ve learned in our 8 years of marriage because ups and downs are such a normal part of every relationship. Please share with anyone you think might be interested in this video. Continue reading “CHRISTIAN NEWLYWED EXPECTATIONS VS. REALITY”

Questions to Ask Before Walking Down the Aisle

We’re doing a series on dating and relationships. Join the conversation! Are there any specific topics you’d like us to write about? (This article was originally written in December of 2015 for Project Inspired, a website that encourages Christian teenage girls all over the world. Thank you for reading!)

So you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You have similar interests, you both love the Lord and you’re head over heels for your guy. What more do you need to know before you walk down the aisle?

A lot, actually. Just like a job interview, an employer would want to know that his or her prospective employee is properly qualified to fill the position.

Yes, it can be awkward to ask things you don’t really feel you have the right to know, but if you’re truly going to spend the rest of your lives together, there are some things you should inquire about in order to start off on the right foot. Premarital counseling will help with some of these, but not every couple goes though an intensive session that uncovers possible conflict-causing topics. You can ask these over dinner, during a walk at your favorite park or over the phone if that seems to cause less pressure and anxiety. Continue reading “Questions to Ask Before Walking Down the Aisle”

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