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In the beginning, God created both man and woman.  He created the man first, but was thinking of the woman at the same exact time.  Creating the man first does not mean the man is more important – as some cultures and people would like to believe.  God created the man with specific voids.  Man needed God.  Man needed to work.  Man was alone.  Man needed something more.  Man was not satisfied with what he saw – the land, the garden, the animals, the sun, the moon – these were all great – but it did not quite seem whole.

The creation story happens before “the fall.”  This means when God said “It is not good for man to be alone,” He is revealing His profound intention.  Shalom.  Peace.  Reconciliation.  Between man and woman.

You know what happens after this.  He puts the man into a deep sleep.  Before the man goes into the deep sleep, it is important to note that the man was not satisfied with the potential helpers around him – he could not find any.  So God in His God-ways put him to sleep.  He took something out of him (a rib) and created someone that was specifically for Adam.  This is how Adam was able to identify Eve – she came out of something that was in him.

Men of this generation do not like to fall asleep.  They like to keep awake.  They keep their desires on high and are pro-active about almost everything.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing.  But Adam went to sleep.  God made him fall asleep.  He knew Adam was not capable of making the most excellent decisions – even before sin entered the world.  He knew Adam had to stay oblivious in some respects to His plan.  He knew the specifications of the woman for Adam.  He loved Eve, and meticulously created her into a masterpiece.  God loved Eve.  This was the only way Adam could love Eve.  Adam was sure of the Creator’s ingenuity in Eve.  He recognized it – but only after he woke up.

The most counter-cultural thing I will ever say in the short history of my blog is this: If you want to find the most excellent partner for you, go to sleep.  This is not just for the man.  It is for the woman as well.  Being on the lookout is a waste of time.  Trying to cross the t’s and dot the i’s don’t work.  When you surrender your entire life to God, He tends to do much of the work for you.  Your job is to be aware of His happenings – His doings – the types of things that get Him excited.  This is not a Christian idea.  This is not religious – this is just what you have to do.

The deep sleep covers a multitude of wrong decisions.  The deep sleep allows invisible things to materialize, unnecessary desires to go away, and what you really want to come to the surface.  The entire point to life is to find out what you really want, and what makes you come alive.  This is what the deep sleep offers.  It cuts the things that don’t matter, and makes irrelevant the things that you think is important to you.  The God of the Universe is able to do deep surgery in you while you are sleeping.  He is able to make you better, and form your truest desires – not the garbage that you think you want.  Your truest desires take a while to get to.  Your most authentic self cannot be found on your own – so you have to turn yourself off.  When you allow yourself the opportunity to be asleep in your romantic life, you find yourself extremely pleased with what you see in the mirror.  You find yourself constantly compelled by the best – the most choicest fruits – the creme de la creme.

There is something in us that can never be satiated when we become romantically awake.  We function not from what we truly want, but from what others want of us.  We fix ourselves to be more appealing.  We change little things.  We are constantly looking to see what is working, and what is not.  We are at the mercy of others to receive love.  We are willing to lose ourselves for such small rewards.

Adam was put into a deep sleep.

The deep sleep was caused by God.  Usually, we can get an inkling of whether we are supposed to be in the deep sleep because God will intentionally close doors.  He will save you from making stupid decisions.  You will feel Him putting you to sleep.  This process can be lonely and heart-wrenching – but if you allow yourself to go to sleep, you will find completion at the end.  You will find satisfaction like nothing else.  The story says that God brought her to him.  How can it be this easy?  How can love be so easily attainable?  How come the world has struggled for centuries with the pursuit, only to arrive at very few answers?  – Because everything but the deep sleep is encouraged.  Everything but the taming of desires is highlighted.

The perfect person does not exist, but the perfectly loved person exists.  You can never find your partner if you cannot recognize how deeply loved he/she is by God.  If you cannot be amazed by how loved the person is, you will find it extremely difficult to get a handle of destiny – and whether you fit into that person’s destiny.  Most of us are waiting to see how loved we feel by the other person.  Most of us are looking within ourselves.  But I would suggest that the clearer picture comes from the other side.  If you can get a sense of how loved your partner is by God more than any other human, then chances are you have found the right match.

The deep sleep was the most critical part of my “search.”  People are happy that I am engaged because they never thought this day would come.  People (including my family) felt I was not interested in this type of love.  Truthfully, I myself did not know I was.  This was a by-product of the deep sleep.  People felt a woman would not add to my destiny.  I believe that God brought me the best because I of all people, would need a partner to navigate this cold world.  I, of all people, would understand that 2 are indeed better than 1.  I of all people will need to minister from a posture of complete love.  I of all people would need a woman.  I of all people, was not meant to be single.

I used to run solo – but I realize I will always run solo.  2 are supposed to eventually become 1 – Now I’ll be solo in a much more dynamic, loving, and fiery way.  When God brings a gift, you are supposed to feel unworthy.  I now know the fullest picture of a gift.

May we all fall deeply in sleep, to fall deeply in love when we awake.  Peace, and much love to you – Jeevo (2.0)

Jrajeeveevo was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.  His family came to the Unites States as refugees, fleeing Civil War in his homeland when he was just 2 years of age.  Jeevo graduated UCLA in 2005, and has been a rising star in the independent music scene ever since.  He is a voice for the voiceless, and a presence of light and peace in a world growing in its love for darkness, violence and hatred.

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