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Y’all! I got a whole BOOK DEAL! This is my first time working with a publisher, and I can’t wait to tell you more about the journey of landing this deal and writing this book (it’s ALL God). “My Pregnancy Devotional Journal: 40 Weeks of Reflection and Prayer for You and Your Baby” officially goes on sale on December 14th 2021, and is now available for preorder on Amazon.

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My Deep Sleep

Our contributor Rajeev has graciously allowed us to feature his writing with our readers. Stay tuned for more contributors in the future! This article was originally posted on Jeevo Music.

In the beginning, God created both man and woman.  He created the man first, but was thinking of the woman at the same exact time.  Creating the man first does not mean the man is more important – as some cultures and people would like to believe.  God created the man with specific voids.  Man needed God.  Man needed to work.  Man was alone.  Man needed something more.  Man was not satisfied with what he saw – the land, the garden, the animals, the sun, the moon – these were all great – but it did not quite seem whole.

The creation story happens before “the fall.”  This means when God said “It is not good for man to be alone,” He is revealing His profound intention.  Shalom.  Peace.  Reconciliation.  Between man and woman. Continue reading “My Deep Sleep”

Proximity, Friendship, & Purpose

Our contributor Rajeev has graciously allowed us to feature his writing with our readers. Stay tuned for more contributors in the future! This article was originally posted on Jeevo Music.

When my wife and I moved to Pasadena, we realized that the decision would bring us within closer proximity to those we love, and bring greater distance between others we love.  Proximity is interesting because it breeds a false sense of comfort to those around us.  The assumption is made that if someone is within closer distance, you will actually see them more and be more involved in their life.  While this can be true, there is something that trumps the rule of Proximity.

Being Intentional.

Some great friends of ours made the comment the other day, that even though we are further away from them, we see them more often.  This is a beautiful gift because we realized that being intentional is what determines the course of the relationship.  Proximity does not equal intentionality.  There is no power in proximity.  There is only convenience in proximity.  Proximity can be used, but it is not the barometer of quality.  I have lived years in past homes without ever knowing or meeting my neighbors.  I have lived in dorm rooms at UCLA without saying a word to people down the hall.  We are not the sum total of our surroundings.  We are not a result of what was necessarily placed around us.  The universe bends according to desire.  Things like focus, intentionality and determination are things that move us based on our heart’s yearning.  We are not victims of proximity, but victorious when intentional. Continue reading “Proximity, Friendship, & Purpose”

Trust in Trying Times

Our contributor Melissa has graciously allowed us to feature her writing with our readers. Stay tuned for more contributors in the future! This article was originally posted on MLove Life.

Trust, it’s something I would have told a younger me and something I have to remind myself constantly to do.  Trusting in God is simply obedience in action.

This past year has been a flood of emotions from the ever horrific and tragic news filling my feeds right alongside the sweet birth of my first born and all her very first moments these past 12 months.


I am the type of person that can easily spiral down into deep sadness.  My proclivity is to feel deeply which is why I often turn inward to my thoughts of the depravity of man and feelings of hopelessness wash over me if I allow these thoughts to take up residence in my mind and heart. Continue reading “Trust in Trying Times”

Promo Tuesday with College Church Connection

 Promo Tuesdays is where we highlight our brothers and sisters who are moving through ministry and small business while spreading the gospel as the Lord leads. Please support them by checking out their website and social media.

In March of 2016, my husband was hired to produce the awesome animation you see above. Before that, I had never heard of College Church Connection. I never really knew such organizations existed. When you look at the stats, it really is disturbing to see how many college freshmen who grew up in Christian households end up wavering in their faith pretty quickly because they don’t have a community at school that looks highly on their lifestyle. How many of you felt very pressured to “live it up” and forget everything you knew growing up once you set your foot on a college campus? It’s all too familiar and I’m glad there’s a growing solution to that problem. To learn more about what they’re up to, you can keep up with them here. Continue reading “Promo Tuesday with College Church Connection”

My Miscarriage Journey

I’ve shared in the past that I experienced a painful loss during my first pregnancy in 2013. There have been so many times that women have privately asked me for advice because they were experiencing a miscarriage or knew someone who was. I thought I would sit down in front of the camera and share the ins and outs of my experience because October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and October 15th is Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day.

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Funny Friday: Growing up Christian

God has a sense of humor and so do we. Let’s get the weekend started with a good laugh!

Whether you grew up in a Christian household, or are a new believer, there’s something in here you’ll relate to.

1. And you have to go to bed at 9pm on Saturday to get any sleep beforehand.

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How My Faith Grew Between High School and College

This article was originally written in August of 2015 for Project Inspired, a website that encourages Christian teenage girls all over the world. Thank you for reading!

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

Some of you reading this are in junior high or high school, while others are embarking on the journey of college. Whatever your situation may be, God is going to grow your faith and exceed your wildest dreams as you draw close to Him on and off campus. As you desire to be in His will, He is able to get closer to you and bless you while affecting those around you for the better because of your obedience.

There is a maturity that comes from time with God and from going through various life stages. Know that your level of faith does not compare to anyone else’s, because you are the only you there is, but it should be consistently evolving. I’ve felt the changes going from high school to college to moving out to being married to becoming a mother, etc. Believe me, it never stops, and that is one of the most exciting things about God’s work in you.

I want to share some of the differences between having faith in high school and faith in college, and hopefully it will encourage you where you are and give you something to look forward to. Continue reading “How My Faith Grew Between High School and College”

What It Really Means To Be; “A Daughter Of The KING”

Our contributor Terry has graciously allowed us to feature her writing with our readers. Stay tuned for more contributors in the future! This article was originally posted on Loving L.I.F.E.

This morning I read that after an eleven year streak, the princess costume is no longer the number one favorite choice for Halloween. What has caused this change? I think there’s nothing wrong with calling our girls princesses, or encouraging them to dress as one, but let’s make sure they know the definition of a true princess. Generally the nick name, “Princess” is used to define a spoiled girl, dressed in glitter and fluff.

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