Y’all! I got a whole BOOK DEAL! This is my first time working with a publisher, and I can’t wait to tell you more about the journey of landing this deal and writing this book (it’s ALL God). “My Pregnancy Devotional Journal: 40 Weeks of Reflection and Prayer for You and Your Baby” officially goes on sale on December 14th 2021, and is now available for preorder on Amazon.

Motherhood is filled with excitement and joy as well as worries and questions—and your faith is the guiding light that can help you find peace and confidence through it all. This pregnancy journal offers insightful passages from Scripture paired with empowering devotions that connect God’s Word to your life as a parent. With each one, you’ll reflect on a different facet of being a mom.

Every step of the way—Create a keepsake of your entire journey with a devotional that follows you through each week of your pregnancy and the first few weeks with your new baby.

The support you need—Find words of comfort and strength that relate to what you’re experiencing physically, emotionally, and spiritually at every stage of pregnancy.

Express yourself—Every devotion includes four opportunities for guided writing, so you have a place to record memories and prayers for your child as you wait to welcome them home.Connect with God and prepare for your life as a mom with this inspiring pregnancy diary.You can preorder on Amazon at this link:


Thank you for your support throughout the years!

In Love,

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Kytia L’amour is a writer, performer, and public speaker spreading God’s love in all art forms. Reaching out to young women and sharing her story is what keeps her heart beating for Christ.

Kytia lives in sunny Los Angeles with her husband and children.

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