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I first met Jennifer Sosa at a wedding in 2010 where she scurried around dressed in black, taking photos of the guests and wedding party during the reception. I never really understood the artistry of wedding photographers until I saw the photos she had taken uploaded onto social media. One of the photos I remember most was of the bride and groom in the reflection of water she found on site at the church. I was so used to the staged photography you see time and time again, and I had no idea photographers were “allowed” to experiment on someone’s wedding day. Her portfolio has grown and her style has become more defined since then. It’s hard to keep track of which city she’s in because her talents have her traveling for work often. The fact that she’s hilarious and down-to-earth is another reason to love this woman. From magazines, collaborations, and real-life events, you’ll see the way she paints her world when you visit her beautiful website.

Here’s a little about her in her own words:

“I am a woman who loves Love; the way a groom looks at his bride, the way an artist talks about his work with pride, or the depth of small thoughtful gifts exchanged between friends. I grew up in New York City, where everything new and loud and bright is competing for your attention. Perhaps that’s why I tend to notice the small, but profound, moments when I’m behind a camera – those moments that are so often lost in the commotion of a wedding. So this is who I am; a quiet observer, a storyteller, an idealist dreamer. I appreciate the little things. And I appreciate that you’ve allowed me a little bit of your time.”

In Love,

-Kytia L’amour