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As I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across this Christian brand called 139Made. I was already drawn to their beautiful designs on t-shirts and mugs, but when I noticed that the founder Inka Mathew joined in the fight against human trafficking, I knew that I had to feature them and get others to see what they are doing for those who currently cannot help themselves. 10% of each purchase goes to featured anti human trafficking organizations. Get your shop on.

Here’s a little about her company in her own words:

“Hi, I’m Inka Mathew, a freelance graphic designer. In year 2012, I found out that Houston is one of the biggest hubs for human-trafficking. This revelation shocked me. Later I found out that this modern day slavery also runs rampant all over the globe. There’s actually more slavery today compared to any other time in human history! God later placed a burden in my heart to do something, to join the fight for these trafficking victims. I wanted to do something using my abilities. If I were to talk to one of these women, I really wouldn’t know what to say, and my words will probably fall so short. This verse though, Psalm 139:14, was impressed on my heart when I think about them, and I wish I could communicate its wonderful meaning to them. That their lives are not a mistake, that there is hope in Christ.

In Love,

Kytia L’amour