This video is a brief encapsulation of 5 key moments that shaped my Christian walk. It’s a shorter clip from a longer series that I’m working on. In short, this video traces my upbringing in a christian home, to questioning my faith in high school, to challenges to my faith in college, followed by struggling to find my voice as a christian and christian artist post-school, and finally finding out how to allow God to use me and speak through me in my career, profession, ministry, and adult life. I hope you get something out of it!

In Love,

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Church4As an illustrator and animator for over 15 years, Jerrell Conner has spent the last decade in the video game, television, and film industries. With his past and current accomplishments he continues to further diversify his skill set without sacrificing any others, but rather keeping that crucial balance throughout the ever growing and expanding path his journey is on.

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