You may have had your share of failed relationships that left you broken hearted. In this video, Shana discusses three ways that will help you to not settle in relationships.

November 2014 my world fell completely apart. A relationship evaporated. A dream now dead. I risked my heart. Thought this man was my forever. But forever he wasn’t. And I was left with nothing but shattered pieces of my soul to cradle. Why God? What did I do wrong? Why Me? These questions tormented me, and I felt like there was black hole inside of my heart that would never be filled again. For three months I crawled my way through depression, ashamed, trying to make sense of the hopelessness I felt, fighting through the night just to find a reason to open my eyes to meet the sun the next day.

With the little strength I had in me, I clung to His word. As the world seemed to cave around me, God was the glimmer of hope that kept me afloat. Some days I felt Him moving- other days I felt nothing. But I just kept clinging, knowing that if could just touch the hem of His garment…healing would find me.

And indeed it found me. And God not only healed me in my brokenness- but transformed me in it. I marvel at how God leads us to joy and restoration in the shadows of heartbreak. As He pieced me back together, I slowly started to understand more about His nature, and that He is not just the God that protects us from pain, but The One that guides us through pain. Oh how faithful He is towards us. I felt like my soul grew another pair of wings, and  I stepped out of my sorrow, anchored in this holy truth, that my God is mighty to save.

ShanaHey there! I’m Shana. A speaker, author, and faith blogger. My calling is to help women overcome fear and insecurity and walk boldly in the Freedom of Christ. If I’m not laughing uncontrollably with family and friends, you can find me snuggled up with a book, sippin’ on a caramel latte, or jammin’ to some old school music.

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