Do you feel the need to “have it all together”? Does the unknown bring fear into your life? If you’ve dealt with anxiety and constant worry, Tatiana shares a quick lesson on overcoming the battle.

I’m an 80’s baby. Growing up as an only child without a mother, and being Bi-Racial wasn’t easy. I found it hard to fit in. I had a spiritual understanding because of my grandmother, but my immediate family explored many denominations and eventually adapted to this new age Jesus-less form of spirituality.

God, however, always let me know He was there. He brought me through situations like being abandoned at the age of 17 and suffering from a pulmonary embolism in the middle of a layover – so that I could not deny His existence. But in all honesty, I had no real relationship. I constantly battled the fluctuation of emotions stemming from rejection such as depression, anxiety, and rage. I found comfort in substances like alcohol and drugs to alleviate the turmoil in my mind.

At one point, a friend of mine lost their parents and family members tragically and suddenly. I was taken aback by their faith and stability during such a tumultuous hardship. It was then that I knew that their strength came from a true relationship with God. And in a time where nothing is promised, and with all I had been through, I decided that day that this strength, and this relationship, was something I wanted to attain. I wanted to become unmovable regardless of my circumstance.

As my journey in Christ continues, every step of the way is not easy. But I thank God that He gives me the grace to make it to my mountains and through my valleys.

To God be all the Glory. Stay blessed. 

TatianaTatiana Clare is a creative entrepreneur who fears and loves God. She is a Digital Filmmaker living in The Bahamas who uses media as a power tool to reveal God’s glory.

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