I knew God was with me and that i was really ready to use my life for him when my long term boyfriend broke up with me. He started to become very distant and never wanted to talk and went to the club and drank all the time. He would never compliment me and became angry very quickly with me over dumb things. The first time he dumped me really hurt me and i ended up in a really bad place because i felt like i had no one in my life and i ended up in the hospital (for many reasons).

I never really felt Gods presence then until the second time he dumped me. I felt a warm presence inside my body and the feeling that everything would be much better then what was going on then. After feeling the warmth and a voice inside me telling me everything was going to be ok that i fully decided to have God in my life and then your videos helped show me how to do that. 

I tried to keep it short and i left a lot of detail out and it probably sounds super childish to have a breakthrough because of a breakup but my life has changed drastically and i couldn’t have been able to do it without Gods presence!!


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