Mine’s pretty simple yet the most profound things that’s happened to me–Last year I hit an all-time low with my personal life,  I walked away from a dream opportunity (due to uncontrollable circumstances) and I felt as though God let me down. Through my devastated heart and broken spirit, I prayed that God would show up to me in a brand new way and give me hope to believe again, And boy did He come through!!! 

He made me this promise; if I was committed enough to spend time with Him, He was faithful enough to ALWAYS meet with me. Now more than I’ve ever experienced; He talks with me, reveals His words to me daily, makes me brave & fearless, and empowers me with the grace to desire Him more. 

And even though I’m not were I expect to be, I have never felt more at peace, hopeful & known by God. Friends God is real and his word in Jeremiah 29:13 ” And you will seek and find Me when you search for me with all your heart” is as real today as it was then!!!!!


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