Due to many obstacles, I gave up on going to university. I worked for 4 years, then dad passed away and my whole world was turned upside down. I was unemployed, my mom and sister were working and I felt very useless. My life was heading nowhere.

My sister desperately wanted to go to university despite our financial state. A friend of hers sent her a link for university scholarship and urged her to make me try it as well. I didn’t want to because I lost all self confidence. I don’t know what urged me, but I tried with my sister and Glory to God we both got 100% scholarship. It felt too good to be true. Due to our financial situation, we could only afford to send one of us and my younger sister gave up on her scholarship even though she desperately wanted it more than me and said I should go.

I went and Glory to God I adjusted very well despite my introverted personality and all was well. I started going to church and started to know God more.

The agent who brought me to the university told me he could hold on to my sister’s scholarship until the next semester. I thought it was useless because I didn’t think we could afford to bring her. I thought there was noway my sister can come to where I was. My friend kept reminding me how sad it was that my sister couldn’t make it and it was then that it crossed my mind to pray about it and ask God. Glory to God. 

We were on a field trip and I saw a beautiful monastery. There I prayed to God, for a miracle for my sister. Glory to God, when my relatives from abroad heard about it, they decided to sponsor my sister’s expenses. Glory to God, hallelujah, I have been there for a year now and I continue to see more and more of God’s miracles in my life.


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