Recently, I had an emergency surgery crisis on August 27, 2019. I had an obstruction in my abdomen that was cutting off my blood flow. The surgeon said had I not come into the Emergency Room when I did, it would have been too late! I am in recovery now, one day at a time. When I think about the faithfulness, love, mercy and Grace of God, I am beyond grateful and praise our Abba Father in Heaven. I was reluctant to go to the ER and wasted precious time, seeking the advice of nurses over the phone.

But when I asked God should I go to the Emergency Room, I heard the Holy Spirit within say, “Go!”

Jesus came to give us a life of abundance, but many things can obstruct abundance and our lives can become frenzied with our to-do lists, stressful relationships and the cares of this world. It’s so important to keep in step with the Holy Spirit and to hear and obey the Voice of God.


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