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My latest hobby is browsing through fashion blogger Instagram accounts. My favorites are the ones that have a pleasing color scheme, balanced images, and a common theme. When I came upon Pink Couch Girl, I was immediately impressed and clicked “Follow” with the quickness. It’s no wonder she actually has a course on how to get your Instagram feed in order. Days later, she posted that she would be co-creative directing a photoshoot for G.L.A.M. Camp for Girls. I was excited that I booked the shoot and would get to meet her in person. Her name is very fitting for her because Dr. Peace Amadi is one of the most calm under pressure people I’ve ever worked with. (Us creative types can usually get very frazzled very quickly!) Whenever I see her posts, I always know there’s a helpful nugget of wisdom in the description because she takes her platform and influence seriously. Get to know her and let her know I sent you.

Here’s a little about her company in her own words:

“Dr. Peace Amadi (Psy.D) leverages her mental health expertise, personality, style, and creativity to help people become their best selves. With vision, insight and sharp instincts for strategy, she is a catalyst for purpose-finding and personal transformation in the lives of future world changers.

A woman of faith, Peace upholds strong philanthropic and social justice values. In 2014, she joined the likes of actress Meagan Good & Hollywood executive Devon Franklin on a panel discussion (#StateofEmergency) about race, social justice, and the church. In 2013, she pioneered a university-based support group for black students and student-athletes which became a key component of her university’s decision to select her as the 2013 faculty recipient of the Servant Leadership Award. In 2011, Peace co-founded a non-profit organization – The Ruby Project – which empowers survivors of abuse and trauma, using the arts. A unique experience occurred when Peace and two other Ruby Project team members competed on a national television game show – The American Bible Challenge, Season 2 (2013) – and with their bible trivia knowledge, won $25,000 for The Ruby Project. Finally, in 2007, as the reigning Miss Nigeria in America (a beauty pageant), she spearheaded a diabetes awareness campaign in the Nigerian community and launched the first ever Diabetes Awareness Week school program in inner-city Los Angeles to promote prevention.

When Peace is not working, she enjoys style blogging (check out her Instagram), hiking, bike-riding at the beach, and scouring Southern California for the best in macarons. You can stay connected with Peace via The Pink Couch blog, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.”

In Love,

Kytia L’amour