What started out as a DIY project turned into a revelation from God. Terany shares how God can use your imperfect past for His glorious purpose.

Life has not been an easy one for me, as it may be found true for most reading this. After searching long and hard for love in all the wrong places, I found myself at the lowest point in my life mentally; depressed. I spent endless nights crying myself to sleep from feelings of abandonment, loneliness and fear.

I felt a void; that at that time I didn’t know what or even who I was missing. I was introduced and invited to church by a neighbor where I connected with and became active in their Young Adult ministry. There at that church is where I gave my life to Christ (in 2013) and was re baptized. I surrendered my life completely to Christ and found what was missing. He filled the void that no one could fill.

When I accepted Christ into my life, He came in and illuminated His light to the dark and depressed places I was drowning in. Now my desire is to reach others that may be in the place where I was feeling hopeless, lost and confused. Although troubles and hard times still come and go just as seasons change, my faith in God keeps me secure because has never failed me. He has promised and proven to never leave nor abandon me. (Learn more about her testimony here.)

terany.jpgJust as she was named at birth a very unique name; Terany, she is a very unique women of God. She was created with a great purpose and plan.

Terany carries a desire to inspire others to keep believing God, keep seeking God and Keep Going no matter what!


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