This is the story of how God used an Uber ride to create an encounter with Jesus. Iris shares about the gentle tugging of the Holy Spirit and how God gave her courage to share her love for Jesus with a complete stranger.

My Christian journey didn’t really start until I was actually 18, which was believe it or not, not even one year ago. I grew up in the church from the age of seven. I remember the day my mom asked if I wanted to be apart of the choir, and I told her yes. I also joined the junior usher’s as well a little later on right after. When I was fourteen years of age, I remember being at church and the pastor doing the “ending of the service” as I liked to call it, asking “is there one. Come give your life to Jesus.” For some reason I felt that I needed to go up there, and as I went up there, I cried. I then was baptized two weeks later after that. From then on, I didn’t feel any different, I didn’t think there was anything different about my family, friends, or even my life. I just didn’t understand much at all. Walking through life for me before actually giving my life to Christ was hectic. I’ve always felt inside of me that there was something missing. Walking to school as a child, I still remember to this day life seemed very “dreamy”, and I could never figure it out, or put my finger on it until the month of June, 2017.

In June of 2016, I graduated from high school and ended up going to community college for a semester. It was not what I wanted to do, but I felt pressured so I went. I did terrible there because in my heart I knew I didn’t want to go, but went anyway. After that semester ended, I didn’t go back in the spring and I started looking for a job. I started to apply everywhere that was hiring, and would not give up until I heard back from somewhere. Have you ever been craving something such as an activity to do something? Well for me, I was literally craving to go to the movies for some reason. Then I ended up actually applying to the one closest to me. I then heard back from them within two days and got the job! Once I started working there, I met this girl, now my best friend named Nilsa. She asked to pray for my knee because I was having pain in it, and I said “sure?” I was very surprised that she wanted to pray for my knee out in the open. About two months later she invites me to a conference her and her family was going to in New York. I told her that I would go, and I had my mind set on it. Then about one week before the conference, I told her that I wasn’t going to go anymore because of money and that I needed to save.

Something in me then said, ” who are you to say no to God. Go to the conference, and God will provide for you.” I then told Nilsa that I would go, even though I only had $200 to my name. I believe her mom said to have about $500 for food, the hotel, e.t.c. I went trusting that God would provide, and He did indeed. Her parents paid for most of our meals, and the only thing I really had to pay for was the hotel room. She only asked from me $40 but the room was $80 from each of us. She told me to put the $40 towards college, and made me promise her I wouldn’t spend it. Coming back from the trip, I found myself feeling different. I was, and am, on fire for God! Being there completely opened my eyes to the truth about the Gospel, and Jesus Christ. He is so awesome and so good! I started to then pray for the sick and bring the good news wherever I go. It doesn’t matter. I am on fire and falling in love with my Dad and I can’t tell you how excited I am to continue this journey.

I’ve been listening to different speakers such as Todd White, Dan Mohler, Bill Johnson, and other speakers. Listening to them has opened my mind and heart to God even more. God is just simply awesome. Coming back from the trip, I have had revelations, and the one that is top for me is that the Gospel is so SIMPLE. It’s all about the simplicity of the Gospel. Jesus didn’t want to make it complex for us. He wanted to make it simple for us, and besides he talked to the disciples using parables most of the time. Jesus is all in all and is in all. He is the beginning and the end, meaning He is all we need and I am forever grateful for my Dad. I cry out “Abba! Father!”

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