“Does God want us to follow our own dreams? What is God plan for me? What am I supposed to do now?” Have you ever asked yourself those questions? Rejoice shares how to submit your future to God and know what His desires are for your life.

I grew up in a Christian household with both my parents being pastors. I was used to always attending church events with my family, but didn’t deeply understand what or how to have a personal relationship with God. During my teenage years I consciously gave my life to Christ, but found myself distant from God again when I went to university.

Most of my friends at the time were non-Christians and so I got myself involved in many “worldly things”, and even my aspirations and dreams of doing something great had disappeared. I knew there was something wrong with the way that I was living. I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing, and so I decided to try turning back to God for help. I started learning what it really meant to have a relationship with Him, how He wants to be a part of EVERYTHING that we do, and in fact, how exciting it really is to walk with Him!!

But above all, the thing that really shocked me the most was seeing how my mentality and character changed so effortlessly! I always thought that being a Christian meant I had to constantly act holy- of which seemed like too much effort to maintain. But once I was spending all this time just digging into the Word, I could see my heart changing more and more which created an unexpected desire in me to draw closer to God and love others, and I was loving it!

I decided to start making videos to show that being a Christian doesn’t mean attending events, memorising prayers and playing holy. But it’s simply gaining an awesome best friend that loves you unconditionally and constantly wants the best for you.

RejoiceI love talking about goals, dreams, aspirations and how we can influence communities in what we do.

In my walk with God, He’s shown me that He designed us to be creative and to act on the desires that He has placed in our hearts. And so I like to make videos talking about how we can grow as Christians in our lifestyles, in our calling and use our creativity to love God.

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