I prayed for ‘the one’ and two days later I met him Fast forward 11 months, I was a very jealous girlfriend, getting angry at the slightest things and playing games to manipulate him. He broke up with me (via text!!). I was absolutely heartbroken and confused, asking God for a sign because I knew he told me he was the one.

I kept seeing the number 27 everywhere, I told my mum, I was confused what it meant but at the time it brought peace to my soul. I really came back to God and renewed my faith in this separation period. I realised how wrong I was, that I had been living in sin and I prayed every single day for a second chance and God gave me real HOPE.

Anyway, I went out one night because my friend told me I should, that I might see him and by midnight we will be back together! I was completely not feeling it, but then suddenly a feeling came over me that I should, a positive, excited feeling I can’t describe.

And I just happened to bump into him!

We had an actual long discussion, and I told him I realised how wrong I was (all praise to GOD it’s a miracle he rid me of my jealousy!). We got back together that night after midnight-27 days after the break up AND on our one-year anniversary! God really spoke to me through my friend- he asked if we could talk at midnight just like she said! Now we’re both so happy in a healthy, GODLY relationship coming up to 2 years!


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