I went through a series of several things after accepting Jesus as my saviour; however, this was totally for his glory. I asked God to allow me live and move on my own with my children. I had lived with my ex for over 8 years after being separated due to financial issues and a lot of verbal abuse existed. I was new in Christ and was asking God to allow me to figure out better for both my children.

An apartment was offered through controlled rent, a new built development, brand new. As it was assigned to me due to work schedules I could not “receive it” or sign off on it and go look at the controlled rent development when scheduled which would disqualify me. Well, after missing my appointment due to a surprise visit from district to my classroom (I am a special need teacher assistant) I decided to go to the door of the development and pray thanking God for not given it to me anyway, he knew best.

I felt just right.

I knew no matter what God loved me and was with me. Right there, as I touched the glass door and lowered my hand to pray at a very busy Bronx street, at about 3.30 pm, the person in charge opened the door and calls me by my name and let’s me in, shows me the apartment and says she was impressed by seeing a person praying over the building as she passed by the entry hallway and decided to see if it was possibly me (I was 4 hours late) she didnt have to let me in or receive me, or even walk to the door but she says something propelled her to do so.

After seeing the apartment she cried and said she felt something special and asked me to pray for her and her children. Then she asked why was I so calm. I told her because it’s was all for the glory of God and that the apartment was simply a testament of his power and mercy towards me but it taught me it was simply something material and that all I need is my Lord. Amen.

I moved in this past February. I am beyond grateful to my God Yahweh and to Jesus for being my savior.

A constant reminder of his love, taking me out of a negative situation which I was in for several years and placing me in better to do better. This walk has not been easy but he has shown love and mercy through it all. I am beyond humbled and grateful to have a father in heaven who listens and loves me.

Photos from when I first got the apartment:

Current photos of the apartment:

God has been good, it’s all I can say. Even through rough moments he reminds me he is still here. As things arise whether good or bad I am reminded to continue this walk for love to him. I love my father and I love Jesus. Thanks to this space even my children are starting to get closer to God! I know at the end of the day my father Lord and God Yahweh loves me dearly and I am more than humble to know the sacrifice Jesus made for me just so I can find him and continue to find him through this walk with God. 


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