I’m a 23 yo from NYC! I was raised in a Catholic home, but when I was about 14 I decided to go to the Baptist Church in my neighborhood alone, there is where I said the sinner’s prayer for the first time, and I truly believed that I meant it when I said it, but at a very young age I slipped into fornication, and drug use.

I was 14 the 1st time I smoked weed, 14 engaging in sexual activity, and 15 when I lost my virginity. Despite my sin, God kept putting people in my path to remind me of His love for me, and of how my sin was leading me to death.

When I was 19, I was almost recruited in to a mother God cult, it left me confused and had me searching for the truth. Somehow, I thought, I had gone too far, at that point I had already slept with 6 men and 1 woman, I had used molly, and was smoking weed regularly, I had piercings in the wrong places, I could see how dirty I was, and felt so condemned that I fought the urge to commit suicide for years, ALL THE WHILE, God STILL continued to put people in my path, Office Managers who would look at me and say you are going to come back to the Lord, Store Managers, old friends from church, you name it, but some how I could not see it.

Eventually turning to binge eating, and new age practices for comfort, I got involved in yoga and became a certified yoga teacher. At that point a young woman in a train station stopped me, she was from South Korea and was here for her studies, and she had been asking young women to meet with her for some kind of art psychology thing, and she asked me to meet. I agreed to meet, we did what we needed to do for her research and there she opened up the Word of God, and a lot was clarified, but I was like the seed that was planted in stony places, I had no root.

Eventually, I got involved in Reiki, and agreed to do this for the rest of my life, I was ‘attuned’ to be a reiki practitioner… My best friend came to Christ, and several months after I was attuned, she was getting baptized, I thought “man I dont wanna go to church, but I cant miss my best friend’s baptism” so I agreed to go.

When I got there, while one of the women shared her testimony, it reminded me of myself, and as I sat there  it was almost like something inside of me was telling me that “The Lord Jesus has been calling you, He has been fighting for you”, I felt that there was hope for me.

From that moment on, in a matter of weeks I had given my life to Him, He brought me to repentance, it was like He was literally guiding me to all truth, He revealed to me everything about my character that did not please Him, He has showed me what I needed to unlearn from my previous churches, He has brought me to my deliverance, specifically from the things that I have exposed myself to (reiki, yoga, familiar spirits in prosperity churches, I had to be delivered from a lot, it was not pretty at all). I have been baptized in water, and have been baptized with His Holy Spirit, and now it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. A testimony that His word is True, that He is ABLE, and that it’s not too late to repent, and believe the Gospel, He truly awaits to be gracious to us.

2 Chronicles 33 talks about a King named Manasseh who turned from God and did what was abominable in His eyes (worshiping other idols), and God had mercy on him, when he repented meaning turned from his ways.

Isaiah 30:18- 

“And therefore will the LORD wait, that he may be gracious unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, that he may have mercy upon you: for the LORD is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him.”


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