A lot of you have written in a shared your testimony, and it’s been an amazing few weeks of seeing God be glorified. In addition to your stories, I wanted to share videos of popular YouTubers who have talked about their journey with Jesus on their major platforms. This is one of them. Jess Conte talks about how a major life change as a 15 year old caused her to begin questioning her faith.

“I went from my Christian school to going to a school where people were into drinking and smoking and partying and swearing and I just didn’t do any of that. I wasn’t ashamed of my faith, but I just wasn’t very vocal about it. That was the first time in my life where I was challenged about my faith.

A couple years later I was surrounded by people who didn’t believe what I believed in, and that really made me question my faith. I started looking into other religions and different churches just because I was so confused. This lasted 6-12 months. I started going back to my church. I was making friends at my church, I was getting more into my Bible, I was praying, and I feel like going through that season of confusion and questioning what I believed, I came out the other end and my faith just skyrocketed.”


Do you have a story to tell of what God has done in your life? If you’d like to have your testimony featured, please send an email to lamourinchrist@gmail.com and include (Your Name) TESTIMONY in the Subject Title. Try to keep it between 4-5 sentences if possible.