A lot of you have written in a shared your testimony, and it’s been an amazing few weeks of seeing God be glorified. In addition to your stories, I wanted to share videos of popular YouTubers who have talked about their journey with Jesus on their major platforms. This is one of them. Sazan Hendrix talks about conquering her biggest fear of being disowned by her family because of who she loves.

“I remember going home to Texas for Thanksgiving. I just was like ‘They are gonna have a heart attack. What have I done? Why did I wait this long? I have just dug a hole so deep for myself that I’m about to just hurt everyone around me.’ I remember sitting at the table and looking at each and every single one of my family members and thinking ‘This is going to be the last Thanksgiving that I’m ever gonna get to spend with my family because when they find out what I tell them: that I have found this amazing man, but he’s not Kurdish, I’m gonna be disowned.’

The other side of me knew that there is no turning back. I have no doubt in my mind Stevie is the one. This man is perfect for me, if they could only just see it. So, I didn’t do it on Thanksgiving. I went back to LA, and I told Stevie ‘I am going to really take some time to pray about this.’ I wanted God to really walk me through it because I said ‘There’s really no way I can do this myself.’ Fast forward to a week later. My Dad was visiting, and I felt it. I felt God saying ‘Tonight’s the night.’

I remember specifically saying to God ‘I’m about to jump, and I don’t know what’s at the end there. I don’t know where I’m gonna land, but I’m about to jump. I’m just gonna jump in your arms.’ As I was telling my Dad everything, I felt free. I felt liberated. God restored my relationship with my family in a way that is even more beautiful than it ever was.”


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