A lot of you have written in a shared your testimony, and it’s been an amazing few weeks of seeing God be glorified. In addition to your stories, I wanted to share videos of popular YouTubers who have talked about their journey with Jesus on their major platforms. This is one of them. Kristin Johns talks about breaking down after years of anxiety and insomnia and asking God to take it away.

“I got accepted to my dream college. I was getting so nervous because I was like ‘I can’t go to college like this. I’m not gonna be able to function. I’m just too nervous.’ One night, I was having a very horrible night. I was having a panic attack. I was laying in bed by myself hyperventilating. That was the moment where I thought ‘I’m not gonna be able to go to college.’

At that time in my life, God wasn’t really a priority to me. It wasn’t like I had a really deep every single day relationship with God, but in that moment God touched my heart so much. I remember getting on my knees on the ground and praying to God ‘I give You all my anxiety, I give You my insomnia, I give You all these stresses and problems. I just want You to have them. Take them from me. I just want You to have all of the control in my life. I’m done trying to control things myself. I give it to You.’

I remember feeling such a huge weight off my shoulders. I remember so vividly feeling God tell me ‘It’s gonna be okay. I’m taking care of you. You’re gonna go to college. You’re gonna be fine. Just trust Me.’ At that moment, God took away my insomnia and He took away my anxiety. And that was really the first time I had really given my whole everything to God.”


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