3 weeks ago I saw a post on the L’amour in Christ Instagram page from a young lady who’s in her last semester and whom God miraculously paid her tuition off in full and thought “hmm, I need this to happen to me too, I’m sure God can do it for me as well.”

I owed the school $1,073 by September 1st and prayed that it would be paid in full by then. However I had doubts. ‘Just in case,’ I enrolled in a 3-month payment plan with a $50 non-refundable deposit and whenever I prayed I would pray with doubt, my prayers would be filled with a whole bunch of ‘ifs.’ Unfortunately, my mom ended up having to make the first payment which was $351 (it was due Sept. 1, we paid the 10th). I was so angry at God because I didn’t want her to pay anything and I knew He knew how hard it was to come up with the money. But I thank God for His Holy Spirit who quickly humbled me and made me realize I was praying with doubt and without faith it is impossible to please God.

After reevaluating my faith, I started over and began praying with faith, truly believing this time. As of today I received a scholarship I did not apply for in the amount of $2000. It was unexpectedly posted to my account and I owe $0.00! So not only has school been PAID OFF IN FULL but I’m able to give my mom back the money she worked so hard for to pay for my schooling (I even promised her this after I paid the 1st payment)! God is so gooood! He hears us and He answers, I can’t stop praising Him! Thank You, ABBA Father


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