I am a  Christian community leader activist, social entrepreneur, voice actress, actress, and most important a guardian long-distance caretaker to my mom. Last year my mom had a severe stroke that paralyzes her right side (her dominant side). The stroke was caused by an intense conversation with her siblings. I had a dream 2 weeks before my mom had her stroke beforehand of my grandpa (her dad) grabbing my shoulder and his face had worry etched into his features. This was God’s way of telling that my mom would have a stroke.

I was heartbroken when I received the call and how she had the stroke from the nursing home. I had recently taken a job that would allow me to work from home and travel. They gave me a bonus and paid for my flight to Chicago from Atlanta.

The first year of going back and forth to Chicago was incredibly hard. I was traveling for work (Chicago, New York, Colorado, DC,  Columbus, Atlanta, LA, San  Francisco, etc, and going to see family in Alabama and Atlanta). I learned how to manage my time, budget, and how to totally rely on God. I would seek his face more when it came to my Mom, the people who leave my life during this season, and what steps should I take while being a productive young adult.

I have been able to love my mom who wasn’t the most nurturing or supporting woman when I was a child. She smiles more now than she has when I was much younger. I thank god for healing me and working patiently with me through my process. God is truly able to get the glory because he taught me how to love someone and since I have been going back to Chicago once a month I have been able to mentor my nephew becoming a role model that he needed in his life.

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I am still learning, and growing through this. No matter what happens I will embrace the seasons and smile through the process.

This is how I love my mom back to life! Faith +Victory= Obedience


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