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“To know your purpose, You must know God.”

5 years and I felt discontent. Working as a nurse for 5 years and my heart longed to do something greater. To fulfill my purpose, my calling. To know why I was created and the Creator who created me. I started praying hard. I needed answers. I needed God.

When I was in kindergarten, our teacher asked us what we wanted to do and be when we grew up. I drew myself as an artist, with a purple outfit and beret painting at an easel. I saw myself as an artist and from childhood to high school, I immersed myself in all things creative from dance, music, writing, rapping, drawing and painting – and even fashion. I loved it all. But my artistic path stopped when college hit. I had to chose what my life would look like. I needed stability and safety. My future needed it due to my past. 

I chose the path of nursing for several reasons. I chose it – knowing it would lead to stability and an opportunity to serve. I wanted that – to be financially stable for my future and my family. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I wanted to help others be encouraged and I wanted people to have hope. And God gave me that. I served as a nurse – with jokes, water pitchers, teaching discharge self care to juggling medication and nursing task timelines. Before even being a nurse, I told myself,  “I would want to be a one of those nurses who made a difference. Who made people smile.” And I went into nursing with that heart and that mission.

But after 5 years, my heart longed for more. I prayed a simple prayer asking God that when it was time, to lead me to my purpose and to get to know Him – when He knew I was ready. And did He answer.

5 years and I found myself in a transitional time of my life, where I had much time on my hands. I found myself writing a list of everything I’ve always wanted to do. And #1 was to get to know God more. I found myself at a local church, seeking to learn more. As I got involved in the young adult groups, I found joy in serving. I loved to serve and I felt great happiness in setting up even the simplest Christmas decor and making food displays and napkins look pretty.

I sat in the pews of church at a service one day and I heard the words that changed my heart forever. Praying about my purpose, I heard God speak during the priest’s message. “To Know your purpose, You must know God.”

That was it. I needed to know Him to know what I was created and designed to do.

At this same time, I found myself having a great desire to create an art show. An art show where God orchestrated many amazing connections to happen. I prayed for every detail and every person involved and He brought us every resource. The event was a success. With a mixed gallery showcasing photography to graffiti art, with a lineup of amazing spoken word artists to musicians, it was amazing. From that night, I met a couple, two amazing artists (who are my family). They led me to my mentor, who led me to the church where I would start to grow in my faith, be transformed and get to know Him and my purpose. I started to see that everything in my life and my present and past – my spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences (good and bad)- had shaped me for my purpose and calling in life.

With encouragement from my mentor after seeing my joy in serving in events, I was led to meet with her friend from the wedding industry – who said words I would never forget. As she looked at my resume and looked up at me, she spoke. She described how with weddings, she was able to serve others and help them in their preparation for marriage – all while doing something she loved – being creative. Her sharing this got to my heart. I wanted that too.

I wanted to create and serve. And so I went and assisted her with a couple weddings, which led me to wanting to learn more about the industry. I then started to immerse myself in it. Taking classes for event and wedding coordination and planning, styling, florals, photoshop and design, I found myself excited and wanting to launch my own company. After being mentored by several coordinators, assisting in weddings and planning events for my church and the community – I started to find great joy in the hustle and bustle of planning, styling, designing and coordinating events and timelines – all while juggling a nursing job.

I then realized how even my nursing job – all the skills I had gained in it – were perfect skills to use as event and wedding coordinator and designer. I needed to be creative, critically think, have compassion, and deal with fast paced settings with a calm demeanor and patience – all while serving. I realized that all along, He was preparing me for this wedding and event career and calling all my life. I just needed to get to know the God who made me and made this path.

This was just the start of what the Lord would soon show me was a glimpse of what was to come. All I had to do was seek Him and He lead me to the great adventure of knowing my purpose. To be continued.

XOXO, Caroline

12249616_10153189395683483_6650586919140239221_n.jpgWith great humility and gratitude, I am blessed to say that I am doing something I love. After much prayer and dreaming and the pursuit of my life purpose and mission, I have been inspired and led to create unique events for those who love design, color, creativity and lots of fun.

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