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I was recently hired to model for a local Pasadena shop named April Blooms. The owner’s name is April and her mission is to help women of all shapes, sizes, and colors bloom and feel beautiful. I love an organization with a purpose, and the icing on the cake was finding out that she donates a portion of the shop’s sales to two organizations that support victims of human trafficking both at home in California and abroad through prevention, advocacy, prosecution, and restoration. Learn more about them at and When I first walked into the shop, I was immediately drawn to the textiles. Every embroidered tote bag and clutch was calling my name, as well as the clothing that has a sophisticated and high quality feel. I now own two new dresses from the shop and look forward to getting more in the future. Follow April Blooms on Facebook and Instagram to get a heads up on all of their amazing featured deals.

Here’s a little about her company in her own words:

“As a hairstylist, salon owner, and cosmetology instructor, for many years my life has revolved around beauty.  At the same time, my career has allowed me to have intimate relationships with women and their insecurities. I watched them thumb through celebrity magazines filled with seemingly unattainable beauty. A variety of factors made them feel like they couldn’t or weren’t supposed to look like the people in those magazines.

I have always loved fashion and was eager to reinvent myself, so I added a small fashion boutique to my salon. Fashion was just another facet of women both feeling and looking beautiful, and I was disappointed to see how many incredible women couldn’t see themselves that way.

It takes confidence to bloom. I know because it took a lot of confidence for me to jump head first into a new career. This is my chance to bloom, and I hope I can help other women take that same chance with themselves.”

In Love,

Kytia L’amour