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Have You Apologized?

About seven years ago, I was at a leadership retreat that my church put on, and one of the sessions I attended featured a speaker who was gifted in the area of apologetics. At the time, I had never heard of the term, and my immediate thought was “Is this when a Christian apologizes to people who have been hurt by the church?” No. By definition, apologetics is reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine. In Christianity it means that you explain to others why your religion is real and true using science, accurate Bible knowledge, historical evidence, etc.
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Promo Tuesday with Mary Conner

Promo Tuesdays is where we highlight our brothers and sisters who are moving through ministry and small business while spreading the gospel as the Lord leads. Please support them by checking out their website and social media.

So many will say “The children are our future”, but how many will actually do what it takes to ensure they have a future worth living? I’m proud to share the work that my aunt Mary Conner has been doing lately. She just started a project titled “Campaign 13” and she is asking everyone to support her by purchasing one or more of her books. She has two titles out and is currently working on her third. The aim of these books is to answer some questions that parents or youth may have about the juvenile justice system. Most of us aren’t aware of our rights, and great power comes with the knowledge of understanding the government. Continue reading “Promo Tuesday with Mary Conner”

The Problem with Revenge

Mass shootings and innocent people losing their lives in the name of terrorism has always been something that’s hard for me to process. You see it in news headlines all the time, but I’ll never understand a human being thinking that another person’s life is worthless. Now that I’m a mother, it’s even harder to see news stories and online articles about bombings, school massacres, and gunmen opening fire in a public place.

One thing you hear often is “That person or group deserves to be murdered the same way they took the lives of those other people. I hope they rot in hell.”

It cuts me to my core to see that someone can take pleasure in the idea that a murderer might experience torment in hell for eternity. I say “might” because we have no idea where people will stand with Christ before they exhale their last breath. That’s how awesome God is! We are all sinners and none of us deserve to go to Heaven, but we have our whole lives to repent and turn to God. We should be so grateful for this, and wish for everyone to have this chance. Continue reading “The Problem with Revenge”

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