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Before starting my YouTube channel, me and my mother were doing research on other YouTubers with similar ideas, faith, and personality. My mom sent me a link to Ashley Empowers and I was hooked. I watched a few episodes of her “Dating With Purpose” series, and I also followed the journey of her relationship, engagement, marriage, and now newborn baby girl. God will never give you a complete and detailed blueprint of what you are called to do (it may overwhelm you!), but He will show you step by step in a way that you need to be encouraged and sometimes that means linking you up (through the internets) with other believers that are doing similar work for His Kingdom. I’m so inspired by Ashley and her husband Carrington. Please take time to visit all of her links and see what she’s up to.

Here is a little about her in her own words:

“Ashley is a marriage advocate, relationship consultant & pioneer within the relationship community. She works daily to change the tone of the conversation about marriage and relationships around the world. She is the Creator & Host of “Dating With Purpose”, a popular series & movement that promotes pursuing healthy relationships with God at the center. 

As a passionate speaker, advocate and catalyst for dating with purpose, Ashley is dedicated to social and spiritual uplift. She has shared as a lecturer and inspirational speaker to thousands of women in the United States and Jamaica. She currently travels the country as an inspirational speaker, workshop presenter and conference host.”

In Love,

-Kytia L’amour