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I’ve been a photographer for about eight years, and one thing I’ve strayed away from is weddings. I know a few wedding photographers, and when I saw Alysha Miller’s work I had to applaud her and give major kudos. A wedding day is not something  you can do over. It doesn’t fit into your creative whim and there is an order and a deadline for when things need to be done. The way Alysha has been able to capture the romance between newlyweds and newly engaged couples through all forms of lighting takes my breath away. The best thing about her inspiration and skill is her acknowledgement that it’s from God himself, and I’m excited to see where God places her next steps.

Here’s a little about her in her own words:

“The vision for my photography is to extend love in the form of the images captured through my camera’s lens. My desire is to have love  be at the root of every conversation I have. I want to let love ignite in my heart and ask, “How can I serve you better today?” I want to lovingly sacrifice my time so as to invest into the only real thing worth investing in, human souls. I am only capable of loving like this by daily connecting to the Creator who is the example of selfless love and who is love in all its entirety. It is He who has planted the seeds of eternity and love within our delicately crafted hearts; seeds which are meant to be watered by the interactions with the people He places in our lives. These interactions allow our hearts to grow, giving us an extraordinary capacity to hold such extravagant love, helping us blossom into the people He knows we can become. Such  love has restored my heart through the art of photography and through learning the hearts of the incredible people who have been so perfectly woven and spun into the story of my life.”

In Love,

-Kytia L’amour