Our contributor Khyra has a gift for writing poems, and has graciously allowed us to share them with our readers. Stay tuned for more contributors in the future!

The Saviour

Don’t condemn me, don’t tempt me.

HE washed away my sins, now I’m fighting for my blessings

HE promises HE’ll never leave, this world is so messy

Praying for my state as my state of mind changes

Can’t go by what I feel, I just have to trust in my Saviour.

Distractions from myself, I could be the enemy it seems

The son of man has set me free, there is indeed a real enemy

Truth is all I need to see, JESUS came to set the captives free.

HE would never tempt me

Mind my own, and I’ll enjoy the blessings

Willing and obedient, take the frustration out of all of it

I haven’t apprehended

It’s a marathon, just jogging it.

Helpers from GOD along the way

Aiming not to go astray, an obstacle or two in the way

Learning and growing everyday.

Juicing now for energy

Apples, carrots, plus the greens

Slimmed down, mom said, “You’re way too lean.”

All the toxins made me feel unclean

Keep waking up from GODLY dreams

Praying without ceasing

At a pit stop for some healing

Gave in to the one my heart’s been craving

The only one who can save us.

The saviour.

In Love,

-Khyra L’amour