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A few months ago, I was asked by my friend Charity Watts to be a part of a photoshoot that would be featured on a new website that was launching soon. The premise was to get women prepared for marriage…but what does that mean? After asking many married friends how she could prepare for her future spouse, Miss Watts gained a wealth of knowledge. With that wealth of knowledge she felt the burden to share with other women who may be asking the same questions and having the same doubts about being ready. Charity is the perfect name for this kind-hearted soul whose first instinct is to give rather than receive. Sign up today on Wifey Ready for exclusive access and to be the first to see the pre-launch. Clothing, accessories, inspiration, testimonies, and events are just around the corner. It’s all going down on July 31st, 2016.

Here’s a little about her movement in her own words:

Do you remember the feeling of going into an exam calmly and confidently prepared VS. the feeling of going in nervous and sweaty because you weren’t prepared!? Those feelings can apply to almost every aspect of life! When we don’t take out time to plan, it’s easy to just let life, relationships, and situations happen, but with that comes results that just…..happen! Just like in school, the more you prepared for the big exam the better you did. How about taking a pro-active approach in preparing for the life you want, including marriage and being a wife!? You desire to be married, you desire to have a GREAT marriage….do YOUR part now in planning to become to the best future Mrs. [FILL IN THE BLANK] God has created and planned for YOU to be!

In Love,

-Kytia L’amour